About Us

An Bang Seaside Village Homestay opened its doors in the summer of 2012 with the dream of helping the struggling fishing village community through employment and funding.

The lives of these villagers are strewn with hardships.  The South China Sea particularly in the winter months does not provide good conditions to the hundreds of fishermen tackling the waves as the sun sets over the horizon.  They spend the night competing for fish and squid in tiny basket boats with little shelter from the elements thrown their way. Many of the fisherman have little choice but to go out to sea in the roughest conditions.  Every year many fisherman are lost at sea leaving generations of families without the means to survive.

At the moment An Bang Seaside Village Homestay has five properties spread out in the small fishing village. In total we have 15 rooms. All the properties are just a few steps from the beach, each room has their own private bathroom and, comfortable beds, AC and WIFI. We take pride in hiring among the local community and although communication can sometimes be difficult we have over the years learned that genuine hospitality knows no language barriers.

Each property has a housekeeper and security guard,  Men and Tran are guest managers and there to welcome you and take care of you throughout your stay. Breakfast is always included in our rates, we have bicycles for you to borrow free of charge and will help you hire a scooter if you want.

Please have a look at the different properties to learn more about each one and the applicable rates. When you click on the different pins on the map you will see which property is where. We hope to welcome you to An Bang and to our little seaside retreat soon.