We know holidays are far and few in between and we want you to get the most out of it. We have bench-marked our facilities, services and amenities to reflect the prices we are asking for.

We do not promise you anything we cannot deliver and aspire to serve you as best as we possibly can within our control! 

We just really want you to be happy, it's as simple as that.

Therefor we have listed 4 reasons not to stay @ An Bang Seaside Village Homestay


1. If you are expecting to arrive to a fully developed metropolis.

An Bang is a small fishing village in a very rural corner in one of the poorest countries in the world. The people in An Bang are warm, welcoming and even though they most likely do not speak your language you can get many great experiences with smiles and gestures.

Some things you might take for granted might not be possible to get here and certain things might look, sound & smell strange to you but that is also sometimes the thing you remember the most when you arrive home

2. If you are very sensitive to geckos, bugs and other critters.

We take cleanliness very seriously but this is Vietnam, the sewer “system” is more or less open and all the above-mentioned things are seen everywhere. We encourage our guests to never leave food out, because this is what they are looking for.

We can guarantee you with 100% accuracy that they are more afraid of you than you of them. Frankly this is something we find quite charming and a part of a tropical climate and if you are a super light sleeper, please do not hesitate to pack ear plugs with you

         3. If you think An Bang does not experience rain or bad weather what so ever.

Although we would love to have sunny days, 365 days a year, this is not the case and unfortunately we cannot control this. It is humid here regardless if it's hot or “cold”.

The weather forecast is not an exact science and we can only tell you about our past experiences, we do not know what the weather will be like tomorrow and definitely not how it will be in 6 months

4. If you cannot live without electricity with everything that entails (4G, TV, AC, Wifi etc)-for a single minute.

The electricity is most likely not as stable as what you are used to, and sometimes we do experience power cuts, especially if the weather is bad. We refuse to get generators because they are noisy, dirty and do not fit with the laid back village beach vibe that we are aiming for.

All rooms have flashlights and we do our best to inform you about planned cuts- because they are trying to improve the electricity. Most of the time when the cuts are unplanned it comes back on fairly quickly.


In conclusion; We are not hustling and bustling like NYC or as sterile as Singapore, however we do promise you a laid back little village full of authenticity in its simplest form, where you will meet locals and get a slice of rural Vietnam in comfortable modern accommodation and be welcomed with genuine An Bang Seaside Village Homestay care.